Frequently Asked Questions

A helpful collection of information that you may have questioned. This is a great starting place to look at when experiencing an issue. Can't find the answer? Feel free to open a support ticket.

How fast are AstroVPN's servers?
We offer both TCP and UDP solutions. Our UDP option provides better speeds as it lacks reliability (that is added through TCP). Protocol, encryption, and distance heavily effect speed. Our VPN servers frequently have 10-gigabit to 40-gigabit networking to allow large data streams.
Can I torrent on AstroVPN?
As stated in our Terms of Service agreement, torrenting and distribution/downloading of illegal content is not allowed. You must comply to the jurisdictional laws of the location which you connect to. AstroVPN reserves the right to suspend service should we receive abuse reports.

We do, however, offer Streaming Servers (based in Switzerland) where we have removed the torrent/P2P blocking technology. Torrenting is only allowed on our Streaming Servers.
What encryption does AstroVPN use?
AstroVPN, by default, uses AES-256 encryption on all VPN nodes. Users do however have the opportunity to adjust the encryption algorithm & protocol, allowing for potential speed boosts.
Does AstroVPN work in China?
AstroVPN does bypass the great firewall of China and allows people in the region to circumvent censorship and access western media in a breeze.
Can Vortex be disabled?
Vortex can be disabled by opening a support ticket, where a network engineer will apply the needed changes to your account. You can opt for Vortex at a later time with ease.
Is AstroVPN RAM based?
All of AstroVPN’s VPN nodes run on ramdisk (memory) containers, meaning data is wiped upon server power loss/restart. Storing on memory, alongside writing to an unwritable directory is how we achieve file-sided user security.
Is AstroVPN DDoS Protected?
We maintain a hand-picked blend of high-quality networking peers, allowing AstroVPN not only to be low-latency but have extensive Denial of Service Coverage. AstroVPN is partnered with PloxHost, a Path Network DDoS-protected hosting company.