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  • Works in all countries (even China).
  • Constantly evolving and adapting!
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AstroVPN Bypass VPN Features

Our censorship bypassing servers are jam packed with features to improve your security and trick the most sophisticated firewalling systems.

App Cloaking

We employ a technique known as "application cloaking" to deceive firewalls and various scanners, causing them to perceive our VPN server as something entirely different, such as a webserver.

Data Editing

To better convince firewalls that our traffic is legitimate, we tweak the server-level settings to make our data look just like regular, non-VPN traffic, keeping it off the radar of prying eyes.

Transparency Reports

If we ever receive a request from a government agency to disclose customer information, we proactively make this request publicly known. This way, our customers can be informed and take appropriate actions as they see fit.


To make sure your internet searches are super private and secure, AstroVPN adds an extra protective shield. It's called DNS over HTTPS, and it's like a secret code for your searches. This means that not even AstroVPN can sneak a peek at what you're searching for online.

Limited Access

To ensure that our servers run smoothly and remain dependable, we restrict access to our bypassing servers for customers in regions where they aren't necessary. This way, we can prioritize their performance and reliability for those who truly require them.

Human Support

Absolutely, robots are nifty, but when it comes to customer support, we're all about keeping it human. After all, who's better at understanding those quirky tech issues and giving you a friendly ear to vent your Wi-Fi frustrations? Yep, you guessed it, us humans!

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No Smoke and Mirrors- just Scissors!

AstroVPN uses custom created software that is designed to cut up and reshape our VPN traffic in a way that looks like something else. By doing this we're able to avoid detection from even the most powerful (government-sponsored) firewalls!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about our bypassing servers. Our friendly support team and knowledge base are here to help with any more questions you have.

Does AstroVPN work in China?
Absolutely! We started by tackling China's Great Firewall, our first government-sponsored blockade. AstroVPN is dedicated to keeping our servers up and making our methods even better.
How Fast are AstroVPN's Servers?
We provide two types of connections: TCP and UDP. The UDP option is faster because it sacrifices some reliability (which TCP adds). The speed depends on factors like the protocol, encryption, and how far you are from our servers.
Do you offer Dedicated IPs?
At AstroVPN, our bypassing servers are typically shared, but we can also provide dedicated IP addresses and private servers upon request. Please reach out to our sales team for more details.
What Devices are Supported?
Our bypassing VPN servers, like our traditional VPN servers, are compatible with all major operating systems (iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows, and Linux). Additionally, you can extend AstroVPN compatibility to select router brands.